Lawless policeman shooting in Moscow bar 

Lawless policeman shooting in Moscow bar
CCTV camera captured the shot Photo: The CrimeRussia

An intoxicated guest of a capital’s bar was shooting in all directions, but the police arrived found no reasons for his detention.⁠

It seems that the case of police major Denis Yevsyukov, who shot shop visitors in 2009, was just the beginning. The CrimeRussia obtained a video in which a visitor of Cafe Buddy Bar located in Brateevo opened fire from a rubber-bullet handgun. It all occurred on February, 25 at 7 p.m.

The video shows how a man in a deranged state is scrutinizing his gun, which at some point suddenly shoots in the direction of two men sitting at the next table. According to our sources, this way an employee of one of the Moscow police departments was spending his day-off.

Drunk policeman initiated shooting in Moscow bar

In the following video the gaze of the troublemaker was in the other direction, where at that moment a family (a man, a woman and a small child) was resting. It is not known what exactly the peace officer did not like about them, but eventually he directed his gun at them as well.

Other visitors are constantly looking around and showing a little fussiness, but they do not do anything - after all, everyone came to rest and not to pacify the drunken policeman. According to eyewitnesses, the shooting stopped only when he ran out of ammunition.

Finally, three policemen arrived in a cafe on call of duty of the Moscow MIA call center. They slowly approach the troublemaker talk with him about something patting him on the back. One of the policemen converses with a man at whom the gun has recently been directed. By then the shooter hid the weapons either behind his belt or in a holster, but he willingly shows it to the policemen. The latter are looking at it and return it to the owner. After that he shows something else to the law enforcement officers, probably some documents, and those leave with we-have-done-our-best look. According to information we possess, the person, who in the best case should be charged with disorderly conduct, presented a certificate of active police officer. This explains such a loyal handling of the people in uniform with him.

Everyone around even had the impression that the police officers knew the offender, and therefore were not initially going to somehow interfere with his peculiar rest and limited themselves to a verbal request not to brawl very much.

Полицейские о чем-то мило беседуют со стрелком

The police talking agreeably with the shooter

The MIA has not reported about the incident. And we have found out about it kind of accidentally. Now let's multiply the number of armed men on duty in our country and those who drink, practice tortures of detainees or simply believe that service in government bodies gives unlimited power.

Journalists of The CrimeRussia were desperate to get a comment of the shooter management, but so far we have not managed to find out in which department he serves. At the time of publication of the material no one responded to our phone call in Buddy Bar.

We will be clarifying the details of the incident and will surely report about the news.



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