“Law enforcers drunk with power.” Citizen of Yakutsk tells about violence over cafe’s visitors by riot police officers 

“Law enforcers drunk with power.” Citizen of Yakutsk tells about violence over cafe’s visitors by riot police officers
Anton Berdnik Photo: Social media

Fighters of the riot police arrived to break-up the fight. As a result, they started beating up the detainees themselves, having got them in the UAZ car.

Citizen of Yakutsk Anton Berdnik has told about the incident that took place at Krysha restaurant where officers of the riot police detained visitors who had put up a drunken fight.

The video got in the web. Judging by the video, the fighters conceived a passion from it and abused powers. Moreover, in Anton’s words, he did not take part in the scuffle and just approached to check whether his friends were being detained. As a result, he was “armed” and taken to the UAZ car for the fact that he “looked too proud.”

All the detainees, in his words, were pulled to the ground beaten up in the car.

“I was taken to the UAZ car where a few detained guys were. They pulled us to the ground and continued beating us up in the car. They took us by the head, said something and continued beating: they just beat us up with their hands in gloves. They beat us with an electric shocker. They tore my clothes, trousers and turtle neck. There were 4 riot police officers and 5 operatives in the car,” Berdnik says.

In his words, all his attempts to state that he’s not involved in the fight at the cafe were ignored. Anton hoped that the situation would be clarified when they’re taken to a police division, but “the operatives did not know what to do.” As a result, all the detainees were just let go.

“The beating took place, until my friends approached. After that, I was released,” Berdnik says.

After that, the man set off for the health screening. He is going to fight for his rights. Anton added that now, he’s already got an arrangement with the police. He assumes that the law enforcers’ mood - who were drunk with power that night - has changed now.

“I think they’re trying to keep it off the radar. There are rumors that they want to pin it on a young operative: it’s like he was a fool. But it was not about him alone who started the fight. It can be easily seen that I was detained and manhandled by 5 at the same time,” Berdnik noted.

Director of MMU Yakutskoye Nikolay Kulbertinov has not commented upon the incident.

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