Law enforcers detain another person involved in Gelandewagen chase featuring son of Lukoil vice-president a year later

Law enforcers detain another person involved in Gelandewagen chase featuring son of Lukoil vice-president a year later
Gelandewagen chase offenders

It is 20-year-old Mikhail Tatarashvili, who disappeared just after the outrageous incident and was finally found in Southern Russia.

Law enforcers have detained the fifth person involved in the Gelandewagen chase that happened in Moscow in May 2016, who had been on the run all this time. It is Mikhail Tatarashvili aged 20.

It seemed that Tatarashvili had long been forgotten despite being on the wanted list, but after a year of searching the police managed to find the fugitive’s whereabouts. His trail was found in one of the southern regions of Russia. Law enforcers came to the fugitive’s home, but he was not in. They managed to convince his family that it would be better if Mikhail turned himself in. A few days later, on July 10, Tatarashvili arrived in Moscow and appeared at the police station.

Mikhail Tatarashvili is charged under Art. 319 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Insult of a Representative of Power.

We should remind that the criminal prosecution concerns the incident that happened in May 2016. On May 22, traffic police officers tried to stop a Gelandewagen, which belonged to Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of Lukoil top manager, but failed to do so. They engaged in a chase that lasted for hours. The whole time, 20-year-old Shamsuarov (who was not behind the wheel) broadcasted the chase on Periscope, so that people could see and hear the passengers speaking rudely about the policemen. Besides Shamsuarov, Abduvahob Majidov, Viktor Uskov, Mara Bagdasaryan and Mikhail Tatarashvili were inside the car. It was not until chief of the Moscow police Anatoly Yakunin had intervened that the criminal case against the youngsters was started. The prosecution asked the court to recognize the offenders guilty not only of publicly insulting policemen, but also of violent threats against a representative of the power that came from them (Abduvahob Majizhov was making dangerous maneuvers). The party to the prosecution was insisting on a real prison term for the accused. However, eventually, the court found Shamsuarov and Uskov guilty of insulting police officers only and sentenced them to 300 hours of compulsory work. Abduvahob Majidov was fully acquitted. Mara Bagdasaryan was just a witness in the case.

In addition, the court confiscated the Mercedes Gelandewagen G63; the car became property of the state.



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