Miss me? Late Mavrodi’s Twitter offers to exchange MMM tickets for cryptocurrency 

Miss me? Late Mavrodi’s Twitter offers to exchange MMM tickets for cryptocurrency
Late Sergey Mavrodi

In March 2018, the founder of the MMM Ponzi scheme Sergey Mavrodi died as a result of a heart attack. However, his account in Twitter suddenly resurrected yesterday.

The Twitter account of the MMM Ponzi scheme founder Sergey Mavrodi, who died in late March 2018, suddenly resumed its activity on Friday, May 18. Before that, the last tweet was dated March 22.

In particular, two new messages appeared on the page.

“So… We’ve rested, now let’s get back to work,” the first tweet said, which also mentioned the possibility of exchanging old MMM tickets for new MVRs that are already traded on stock exchanges. “Financial apocalypse is inevitable!” the message said.

The second tweet announced the launching of 20 #Mavro offices in the regions the next week, in which it would be possible to exchange MMM 94 tickets for the MAVRO cryptocurrency.

It is still unknown who manages the microblog on behalf of Mavrodi, as in early April, the Nigerian edition of the Premium Times referring to the scheme’s management reported that the administration of MMM (Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox) had announced a winding-up. The project closure was associated with the death of Sergey Mavrodi.


Sergey Mavrodi died of a heart attack at the age of 62. It was reported that after the death of the entrepreneur and the founder of several Ponzi schemes, nobody claimed his body for four days. March 31, Mavrodi was buried in a closed coffin at the Troekurovsky Cemetery in Moscow. The financial assistance at the funeral was organized by the initiative group of former MMM participants.

Sergey Mavrodi was the founder of the joint stock company MMM, which is considered the classic and largest financial pyramid in the history of modern Russia. According to various estimates, 2 to 10 million people were affected by MMM's activities, who suffered damage of up to 3 billion rubles ($48.1 million). In 2003, he was convicted in Russia for swindling on an especially large scale. 10,454 people were recognized as victims of the MMM case. After his release, Mavrodi organized new pyramids, but none of those had such serious consequences. Mavrodi launched the MVR cryptocurrency in 2016.

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