Lair of Krasnodar cannibals found 

Lair of Krasnodar cannibals found
Krasnodar cannibals Natalia and Dmitry Baksheevs

Law enforcement agencies found a lot of human remains in an abandoned high-rise building near the store next to the territory of the air force school.

Spouses-cannibals Dmitry and Natalia Baksheevs confessed to two murders. According to them, they committed the first crime in 2012, the second in September 2017. After the terrible confessions, both refuse to answer the questions of the investigators.

Recall, the CrimeRussia reported that Baksheevs were detained after the group of workers accidentally found the phone lost by Dmitry, in which memory card there were many photos with dismembered corpses. The workers gave the cell phone to the police, after which the law enforcers established the owner. According to preliminary information, about 30 people could become victims of a married couple. The investigation of the criminal case continues, new more shocking details appear.

According to MK, ​​sellers of a 24-hour store, located near the territory of the air force school, knew the Baksheevs well. Spouses lived in a dormitory at an educational institution and often went to this store to buy vodka.

"I memorized her, because she behaved inadequately. When she passed between the counters, she suddenly rolled up a tantrum, began to sob and lament: "Give me a delicious vodka, I want to dare the cadets, I feel so sorry for them." We approached her, she continued to cry: "I was a former doctor, worked in the school, always fed cadets, bought them snickers, chocolates, juice," the store employee shared her memories of Natalia Baksheeva, adding that the woman always looked swollen and untidy.

Earlier, Baksheeva worked as a nurse in a air force school, but was fired for alcoholism. According to her former colleagues, 42-year-old Natalia often fed cadets, including stew made, most likely, from human meat.

As for her 35-year-old husband Dmitry, then, according to the store's employees, he often came for shopping and always looked sloppy.

Employees of the store also told where the cannibalized spouses were despatched with their victims: "Everything happened in an abandoned house that was never guarded. This building is directly opposite our store. Once the house was built for the military, but the building was frozen."

After it became known about the crimes committed by the Baksheevs, criminalists visited the abandoned high-rise building. In an unfinished building, law enforcement officers found many blood traces and human remains. Now the object is cordoned off and is under protection.

As it turned out, residents of the adjacent territories have repeatedly asked to demolish this unfinished house or to take it under guard, as there are homeless people or illegal immigrants. They forced open empty apartments and lived in them.

The remains of the last victim of the Krasnodar cannibals - 35-year-old Elena Vakhrusheva from the Kirov region, were found there. A married couple met a woman and invited them to drink on the abandoned, where they killed a woman and dispersed the corpse, after which some of the remains were taken away, and some were hidden in the territory.

It is noteworthy that nobody was looking for the killed. Elena's former colleague said that they worked together in the printing house Soviet Kuban. Vakhrusheva was a handyman, but two years ago she was fired for drunkenness.

"I did not even hear that she was missing. I asked friends - those were also not aware of. No one was looking for her, that's for sure. She could not get a job. Perhaps with the Bakshkeevs she came together on the basis of alcohol. She made friends with them. When such people disappear, everybody immediately forget about them," the man added.

During the searches at the Baksheevs, the police found packages and cans with human remains, recipes and lots of photos with dismembered bodies. One of the photographs is dated December 28, 1999, on this basis, it follows that Baksheev began to kill people almost 20 years ago, and then turned Natalia to, whom he met in 2012, to the ‘hobby’. Law enforcement officers have reason to believe that they are involved in the death of 30 people.


Employees of the same store, where the couple often came for a drink, said that among the clients were different people, including marginals and migrants.

"Such characters are especially memorized, because we watch them so that nothing is stolen. These two visited us, and then disappeared. They lived somewhere nearby, maybe even in the same abandoned house. We decided that they were imprisoned, maybe committed something. And after a while we found out that the police were looking for them - someone from their relatives or acquaintances appealed to the law enforcers. We were then told that these people were missing. So they were not found. I admit that the Baksheevs could find such people, invite them to drink in same abandoned house, and then killed them," the store employees noted.

It is also remarkable that practically under the walls of the regime object, which is the territory of the air force school, there was a homeless lair hidden from prying eyes by bushes. According to the residents of the Aviagorodok, the Baksheevs were also seen there quite often.

Dmitry, at the same time, earned his living by doing repair and finishing works. ‘Photo session’ with the severed hand of the victim he arranged just in the apartment, where he carried out repairs. In a new building on the Petr Metalnikov Street, in the neighborhood Akvareli works in many apartments are finishing, according to the workers, when they first saw Dmitry, he immediately seemed strange to them.


The owner of the apartment named Igor, in whose apartment Baksheev made repairs and photographed with a severed hand, was shocked by what happened. According to him, law enforcers did not come to examine the apartment. Now the man seriously thought about inviting the priest from the church to the apartment to ‘clean’ the apartment and sprinkle the walls with holy water.

It also became known that Dmitry Baksheev was an adopted child in the family. A childless couple took him from the Irkutsk orphanage at the age of 2.5 and brought them to Krasnodar. Dmitry grew up as a strange and avoidant child. Many years later it turned out that his biological parents were drug addicted.

Baksheev broke up relations with family in 2013 after his marriage to Natalia. The second wife of his adoptive father remembers that she saw the chosen one of a stepchild only a couple of times, and she at once seemed shrewish and inadequate to her.



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