Kurgan: lawyer asks to take case of murder of businessman under control of Moscow. OCG member suspected of murder 

Kurgan: lawyer asks to take case of murder of businessman under control of Moscow. OCG member suspected of murder
Photo: Nikita Telizhenko / Znak.com

The main suspect, Dmitry Yerokhin, may be associated with the OCG called Lokomotiv. After the fight, he was detained but immediately released.

The investigation of the case of the murder of businessman Igor Leonov can come under control of the ICR chairman Alexander Bastrykin and the Russian Prosecutor General, Yuri Chayka. The letters with such a request were sent to Moscow by a lawyer of relatives of the murdered businessman, Znak.com reports.

Igor Leonov was found dead with two gunshot, as well as stab wounds in the courtyard of the house on the Kuibyshev Street on the night of July 9, 2018. On the crime scene, the police seized two cartridges, presumably from a traumatic gun, a blade and a knife handle, as well as the belongings of the victim. The criminal case was initiated under the article on deliberate infliction of serious harm to health, which caused the death of the victim through negligence (part 4 of Article 111 CCRF).

Immediately after the incident, a possible suspect was detained – Dmitry Yerokhin, but soon he was released. The relatives of the victim believe that he can be associated with the local OCG called Lokomotiv. Yerokhin himself claims that he has nothing to do with criminal groups, or the murder of the entrepreneur.

It is known that on the night of the murder the businessman had a conflict with Yerokhin in the nightclub PlayCafe. According to the preliminary version, the two began quarreling, after which they went outside to talk. A fight broke out between them, which was stopped by the arrived crew of the Patrol Police. No one was taken to the police department. After the police left, the brawl continued with renewed vigor.

According to eyewitnesses of the conflict, Leonov tried to fight back Yerokhin, but the latter pulled out a knife and wounded Leonov in the leg. On the recordings from the surveillance cameras, (at the disposal of Znak.com), one can see how around 01:40 AM the man is talking to a lady by a parked car. At this moment, another man runs up and begins to beat the first one. The latter cannot get up. Soon, several more men run up to the scene and attack the batterer. He runs away, the company runs after him and disappears from the video. The one who was beaten (presumably, Yerokhin) gets up and leaves the roadway. The car drives off.

After a while, a man with an unknown object in his hand comes out from around the corner (the injured party believes that it is a pistol) and moves in the direction where the other participants of the fight fled. According to one of the witnesses, after that, around the corner, two loud sounds resembling shots were heard. On the record from another perspective, it is seen how the same man comes back and drops the object from his hands. Then he picks it up and leaves.

Leonov’s relatives believe that the investigation is deliberately idle. In his address to Bastrykin and Chayka, lawyer Gorely asked to withdraw the criminal case on Leonov’s murder from the investigative department for Kurgan and to transfer it to the department for investigation of especially important cases of the ICR’s Investigative Directorate for the Kurgan Region. Gorely notes that the investigation considers actions in the context of “necessary defense,” however, in his opinion, it was Yerokhin who started the conflict. In the letter, the lawyer calls Yerokhin “a criminal-recidivist, an active member of the Kurgan OCG Lokomotiv.”

Znak.com also talked with Dmitry Yerokhin himself. He said that Leonov provoked the conflict. He confirms that there was a fight, but, at the same time, there were no shots, according to Yerokhin. The roar that the eyewitnesses heard, in his opinion, could be a sound made by exploding firecrackers.

Yerokhin added that he gave the investigation a commitment to appear. He confirmed that he was tried for robbery and violation of traffic rules. At the same time, he stressed that he had nothing to do with OCGs. “I am not the person who would belong to any of such groups. I am an artist. I'm just an ordinary mortal, I work as a metalworker,” Yerokhin said.



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