Kudrin tells about necessity to reform criminal article on drugs

Kudrin tells about necessity to reform criminal article on drugs
Alexey Kudrin

The case against journalist Golunov is just one of many examples of illegal prosecution.

The head of the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, Alexey Kudrin, welcomed the decision of the MIA to terminate the criminal case against journalist Ivan Golunov and noted that annually about 130,000 people are being prosecuted in Russia under the article on drugs, of whom not all are guilty.

“I welcome the termination of the Golunov case – it’s good when mistakes are recognized and corrected. But annually, about 130,000 people are convicted under narcotic articles. We need a serious reform of Article 228 of the Criminal Code,” Kudrin wrote on Twitter. 

Earlier, the Moscow Public Chamber planned to hold a large meeting on criminal cases related to drug trafficking. The deputy chairman of the Public Chamber, Alexey Venediktov, noted that there are a huge number of such cases and it is necessary to study “how such cases are investigated, what sentences are passed in them, and what are the complaints on violations.”

The Prosecutor General's Office requested all the information from the police units in the Western Administrative District of Moscow “on all attesting witnesses and purchasers who participated in the operational-search activities in the Internal Affairs Directorate for the WAD for cases under articles 228 and 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.



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