Kuban Vice-Governors took possession of state lands to build private villas

Kuban Vice-Governors took possession of state lands to build private villas

Environmentalists described the schemes of land-grabbing by the former managers.

The coordinator of the NGO Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus Andrey Rudomakha told on the Open Russia’s website about how the region's high-ranking officials were involved in the theft of public land. In particular, the activist spoke about the activities of the former first Vice-Governor, the current Deputy of the State Duma from the Edinaya Rossiya Party Aleksandr Remezkov.

Rudomakha said that the former Vice-Governor built himself a huge two-story house in an area of more than 3115 square meters in the southern part of the park of the 30th Anniversary of the Victory on the banks of the Kuban river in Krasnodar. And, although formally the house on the Beregovaya 1/7 is assigned to the Deputy’s sister Zhanna Arefieva, Remezkov, according to the ecologist, lives there himself.

The activist made this conclusion based on the results of his own investigation: in the income statement, the house that belongs to the United Russia member is of a similar square, and the cadastral excerpt about the area on the Beregovaya, 1/7 confirms that the owner of the villa is Remezkov.

The ecologist cites the official’s quote where he says that he had fulfilled the dream of his life, moving to a private house. Since no other property is listed in the Deputy’s declaration, Rudomakha concludes that he is talking about the house on the Beregovaya, on the land plot which was in fact stolen from the inhabitants of the Kuban.

Neighbors of the member of the Edinaya RossiyaParty are also high-ranking officials and their relatives: in the same park of the 30th Anniversary of the Victory, there is a private home of another former Vice-Governor of Kuban, Murat Akhedzhak, right behind him stands the villa his son Kazbek Akhedzhak, just nearby there is a mansion, leased to Remezkov’s sister Zhanna Arefieva.

Earlier, the activists suspected Remezkov in the land-grabbing of another area: the protected land on the Black Sea coast.



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