Kuban resident accuses United Russia deputy of beating, but case is initiated against her husband instead

Kuban resident accuses United Russia deputy of beating, but case is initiated against her husband instead
MP Sergey Aksenov

Olga Kotenko, a resident of Korenovsk (the Krasnodar region), has filed a statement to the police that she was beaten by a local United Russia deputy Sergey Aksenov.

According to the Free Media newsportal, to which Olga turned, the deputy beat her when she came to his wife, who asked the girl to pick her up after a quarrel with a drunken husband. According to Olga, Aksenov tried to catch up with women, and then attacked her and began to beat her with his hands and feet.

A woman told her husband what had happened. According to her, when her husband arrived, the deputy began to provoke him with shouts “well, hit me, hit me!”, And then fell on the tile, pretending that he was really hit.

According to Olga Kotenko, when she called the police, they did not want to accept a statement on the deputy. The girl complained about the police to the local prosecutor's office and the department of the MIA for the region, but the authorities did not take any action. There was no reaction from the chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar region Yury Burlachko and from the supervisors of the deputy Aksenov in the company Rosgosstrakh. The wife of the deputy, because of whom Olga suffered, was at first ready to testify in favor of the victim, but then refused.

The publication notes that the victim recorded beatings at the doctor, the editors have the results of the examination.

Being on sick leave, a woman once saw Aksenov in a hospital. After that, her medical card disappeared somewhere. At the same time, the woman was not given the conclusion of the traumatologist who examined her after the beating and had to determine the severity of the beatings.

The Investigative Committee also did not initiate a criminal case on her appeal. The department said to Kotenko that the resulting injuries are not enough to start a case, while the girl did not even receive a notice of refusal and learned about it only after three months. After that, Aksenov himself turned to the girl, offering 10,000 rubles ($150) for her to withdraw the application.

After her refusal, the deputy himself turned to law enforcement agencies, where he reported that Kotenko’s husband beat him, after which a criminal case was opened against the man under the article on injury to moderate health (Article 112 of the Criminal Code).

The deputy himself told Free Media that he had not hit anyone, and they allegedly beat him in the courtyard of his house, and he had been in the hospital for more than a month.



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