Kuban: Azerbaijanians beat up Chechens, getting them confused with Dagestani 

Kuban: Azerbaijanians beat up Chechens, getting them confused with Dagestani
Photo: KP

Deputy mayor of Grozny had to interfere in the conflict.

Natives of Azerbaijan put up a mass fight with Chechens in the Krasnodar region’s settlement of Vodniki, reports Komsomolskaya pravda with reference to the first deputy mayor of Grozny Isa Khajimuratov.

A group of 30-40 Azerbaijanians attacked natives of Chechnya where the latter were a numerical minority. 4 people were cruelly beaten up. The rest asked for help of their ‘brothers’ on social networks. As a result, even citizens of Grozny arrived to back the suffered.

During the course of the next encounter, it was found out that the attack took place by mistake: Azerbaijanians upheld the honour of their women, but got their offenders confused. It turned out that drunk Dagestani had pestered the women.

While calming down the ‘brothers’, Khajimuratov stated that the issue was solved. The attackers apologized for their acts. The local police reporter no one contacted them with regards to the fight. Nevertheless, inspection was launched following publications in the media. Measures may be taken at the conclusion of the inspection, reports the media office of the Krasnodar Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



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