Kremlin vows to intervene in protester’s broken leg hair-raiser

Kremlin vows to intervene in protester’s broken leg hair-raiser
Konovalov getting detained

Designer Konstantin Konovalov was returning from a morning run when he got detained by law enforcement officers.

The Kremlin promised to get to the bottom of designer Konstantin Konovalov’s injury at the July 27 rally. As previously reported, security officers broke his leg.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson of the President of the Russian Federation said that he was not yet aware of what the answer of the Investigative Committee was based on, when it refused to consider Konovalov’s statement. Peskov emphasized that the Kremlin would get involved in the situation to find out what really happened.

Earlier, Konovalov said on Twitter that the Investigative Committee had refused to consider his statement, calling the acts of the law enforcement officials “lawful”.

The Investigative Committee claimed that the appeal “does not contain any objective information about any crime committed by the law enforcement officials”. The designer said that he had provided the investigators with several photographs of his detention and medical documents.



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