Kremlin officials nailed in river capture  

Kremlin officials nailed in river capture

The dacha cooperative, where major Kremlin officials live, seized the Istra river.

The famous cooperative Sosny (Pines), where live such Edinaya Rossiya members as the recently appointed State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Secretary General of the party Sergei Neverov, the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Prikhodko, was nailed in violating the law.

FBK experts found that government officials protected with fence not only their homes, but surrounding riverbanks. Although the law prescribes that any fence, separated private property, must be ended within 20 meters from banks of the river or lake. In addition, FBK campaigners provided evidence that politicians have registered under their ownership the Istra river itself.

In particular, lawyers have provided an official statement of the Russian State Register, according to which it is clear that half of the river is illegally registered to the property of the Kremlin dacha cooperative.

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"They took up half of Istra river, registered it in the property and received documents. All Russian legislation excludes the possibility to connect near flowing river to their villas, all the more so as the Istra river near Moscow," - FBK reported in the material.

On the fact of illegal occupation of the coast the FBK applied to Rosprirodnadzor. The Department confirmed the fact of the offense - namely the "conditions to ensure citizens' free access to the water and the public foreshore." Now, offenders will have to eliminate the fence. As a result, the dacha cooperative brought to administrative responsibility and the duty to eliminate the fence that encloses river territory for the public.

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Photo: Answer of Rosprirodnadzor

FBK experts declared that they do not intend to rest on and will go to court with a lawsuit against the dacha cooperative Sosny and Rosreestr, which registered the ownership to the part of the river.

Video: the FBK materials about the dacha cooperative Sosny



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