Kremlin Chef’s son rams BMW  

Kremlin Chef’s son rams BMW
The Gelandewagen was returned to the showroom after the accident.

Driving his two-day-old Mercedes, Pavel Prigozhin was zipping through St. Petersburg ignoring all traffic lights.

The outrageous car accident happened in St. Petersburg late on December 17. The accident involved BMW and Mercedes Gelandewagen driven by Pavel Prigozhin, the 18-year-old son of Evgeny Prigozhin (a businessman, also known as the Kremlin Chef), according to  Fontanka.

Witnesses said the SUV was racing down the road at about 180 km per hour, disregarding any obstacles it might find, including red traffic lights. The reckless driving ended up with the Gelandewagen hitting a BMW at the intersection of Piskaryovsky Prospekt and Bestuzhevskaya Street. Witnesses reported that the incident caused injury to a BMW passenger. The woman’s legs got caught and she could only be released by emergency workers that had to use special equipment. Both the driver and the passenger in the Gelandewagen were safe and even managed to quickly remove the SUV’s number plate.

According to preliminary data, an alcohol test proved both drivers were clean at the time of the accident. The law enforcement officers are yet to established as to who is responsible for what happened.

Fontanka revealed that the Gelandewagen, worth about 12 million rubles, had been purchased just a couple of days before, on December 16, in Avangard showroom. The St. Petersburg’s showroom is actually famous for their VIP-clients as well as their cooperation with the Federal Protective Service (which has signed quite a number of state contracts for the spare parts supply). On paper, the Gelandewagen belonged to a certain company called Olimp. After the accident, the car was reportedly returned to the showroom.

We should also mention that Prigozhin is often referred to as part of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. The Russian President even had a dinner together with then President of France Jacques Chirac in 2001 on Prigozhin’s restaurant boat under the name of New Island. The St. Petersburg businessman personally served the two presidents. This kick-started his career, for just over 10-year years Prigozhin has gone from hosting high-profile dinners to becoming the Ministry of Defense's largest contractor. One example is that Konkord, a company controlled by the businessman, won a governmental contract for catering services at schools and military units in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In January 2016, the FBK revealed a scheme, which brought Prigozhin’s affiliated companies 40-billion-ruble contracts for catering military towns. The businessman has also been linked to the so-called Troll Factory in St. Petersburg as its alleged orchestrator.  

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