Krasnoyarsk teacher beats up two schoolgirls 

Krasnoyarsk teacher beats up two schoolgirls

One girl received a concussion, the other – a bruise under the eye.

At school No. 151 in Krasnoyarsk, during an English class, a teacher hit one of the schoolgirls in the eye, and grabbed the girl who stood up for her by the hair and hit her head against the desk, as a result of which the latter was diagnosed with a concussion. The teachers was fired; the police launched a pre-investigation probe, TVK Krasnoyarsk reports. 

“For me, this is really incompatible with the status of a teacher. I have been working at school for 25 years and such a thing takes place for the first time in my experience, therefore, of course, this is a shock situation,” said the acting school director, Irina Burenskikh. 

The teacher was unable to explain her actions, she said only that she could not hold herself back. Now she can be prosecuted under the article on assault. Previously, there were no complaints about the teacher who had worked at the school for two years, nor about the students in the class.



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