Krasnoyarsk region: many demanding resignation of Governor Victor Tolokonsky

Krasnoyarsk region: many demanding resignation of Governor Victor Tolokonsky
Victor Tolokonsky

According to protesters, the State Duma election results were rigged.⁠

Divisions of nine Krasnoyarsk parties began a three-day protest against rigged elections to the State Duma and the Legislative Assembly. Protesters demand the cancellation of the elections results, held on 18th September, and the resignation of main forgers – the Chairman of the regional election commission Konstantin Bocharov, the Governor Victor Tolokonsyi and his first Deputy, the curator of domestic policy Sergei Ponomarenko. On the possible resignation of the Head of the largest region the CrimeRussia reported earlier. According to a source in the Administration of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Tolokonsky so discredited himself in the years of region management that even a membership in the Edinaya Rossiya party will not save him - a list of claims to the federal government's work is too large.

In the elections to the State Duma, the Edinaya Rossiya party held in the region candidates from all four single-member districts and collected more than 40% of the vote by party lists. The second are the Liberal Democratic Party (20.28%), the third place was taken by the Communist Party. After the announcement of the election results, nine political parties, including the Yabloko, Rodina, Patriots of Russia, said that they did not recognize the election results and demanded their cancellation.

The statement from representatives of political parties was sent to Vladimir Putin. According to the first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party Pyotr Medvedev, the complain to the President was sent because of "brazen violations, which entailed to stolen voices not only from the Communist Party, but other parties."

The Chairman of Patriots of Russia party regional branch committee Ivan Serebryakov told to Kommersant that during elections violations took place, for example, unexpected system failures of GAS Vybory and ballot paper processing system on the voting day, election commissions denial on manual recount in a number of districts, where suddenly turning off the light for a few hours, the apparent discrepancy between the data on the voting protocols and system GAS Vybory at a number of districts and etc.

On October 3rd party members announced the day, when protests began.

In turn, the Governor of the region claimed that there were no violations on the election.

In connection with the situation around the elections the CEC member from the Communist Party Evgeny Kolyushin came in the region on September 29 and met with members of the committee, which organized protests. He acknowledged some violations, but noted that not all of them were promptly and properly drawn. He also noted that neither the CEC, nor the regional election commission have the right to cancel the election results, and suggested to opposition parties go to the court.



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