Krasnoyarsk graduates get cake with ‘gravestones’

Krasnoyarsk graduates get cake with ‘gravestones’
Photo: NGS24.RU

Head of the parents’ committee says the children were pleased with the treat.

Parents of children turned out to be the authors of an idea to make a present of a cake with sign plates resembling gravestones of each of the pupils to the pupils of a high school #143 in Krasnoyarsk. They stated the school authorities had nothing to do with the incident.

NGS24.RU had earlier posted a picture of an unusual cake, after one of the disgruntled parents had sent it to the editors office. In his words, he was not pleased with this kind of treat, and his child and a few other children left the classroom due to the incident.

The school’s principal Svetlana Savenko told NGS24.RU the parents' committee was responsible for the cake, and the idea with the sign plates was not perceived correctly.

“The form mistress was pleasantly surprised at the fact that the parents had gathered together and joyfully celebrated graduation,” Savenko said.

Head of the parents’ committee Irina Smirnova stated the cake was a surprise for the children, and it was perceived wonderfully.

“They chased each other to find their own picture. They ate it very quickly and scattered away. The idea was accepted during the meeting of the parents’ committee. Well, may be, the miniature was not adjusted well. Confectioners did it this way,” Smirnova clarified.

Pupil Uliana Sh. confirmed that all of her classmates and herself were pleased with the treat. In her words, no one left the classroom. Everyone laughed and ate a piece.

“A few people made a joke that the pieces of cake looked like gravestones. We laughed and forgot it. The cake was very tasty. Everyone liked it,” Uliana Sh. noted.



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