Krasnouralsk ex-Mayor faces up to 2 years in prison for fake diploma

Krasnouralsk ex-Mayor faces up to 2 years in prison for fake diploma
Vyacheslav Gribov

The Investigative Committee carries out verification on this fact.

The police of the city of Krasnouralsk, Sverdlovsk region, completed verification of the fact that the diploma of ex-Mayor Vyacheslav Gribov, 58, is false.

"In the actions of Vyacheslav Vasilievich Gribov, there are signs of the offense provided for in part 3 of Art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Use of a Forged Document); considering that V.V. Gribov is a deputy of the City Duma of Krasnouralsk, this crime is a competence of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation," the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Krasnouralsk stated.

During the verification, a request was also made to a higher educational institution in which the official allegedly received a higher education. From the archive of the Russian State Pedagogical University (Russian State Vocational and Pedagogical University) the following answer was received: "Diploma LT No. 825290 registration number 5812 dated 22.06.1992 was not issued to V.V. Gribov."

The investigation materials have already been submitted to the Investigative Committee. There is also a verification and confirmation of the data.

Recall, in early autumn, it was revealed that the head of the city of Krasnouralsk has a fake diploma of higher education. A row broke out, during which a group of citizens filed an application with the police. So the former Mayor of Krasnouralsk resigned.



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