Krasnodar Region: police beat woman lawyer

Krasnodar Region: police beat woman lawyer
Photo: Photo from Mikhail Benyash’s Facebook page

The incident was reported by the lawyer’s colleague on the Internet.

Krasnodar lawyers supported their colleague Alena Mirgorodskaya, who, as they claim, was beaten by the police. 

“The Traffic Police pulled over the car of lawyer Mirgorodskaya, cracked the glass of the car, and Beat her. The plate number is 556. It’s still there,” lawyer Mikhail Benyash wrote.

According to MBKh Media, the woman tried to hand her documents to the officers who pulled her over through the window, but they allegedly broke it.

The press service of the MIA’s Main Directorate for the city of Krasnodar, in turn, confirmed that they pulled over Mirgorodskaya driving a Hyundai Getz at the intersection of Dzerzhinsky and Ivan Susanin Streets.

But the department has a different version of what happened. The Traffic Police officer allegedly tried to explain to the woman sitting at the wheel that she had violated the traffic rules by driving along a one-way traffic road in the opposite direction. At this time, the driver drove off from the place where she was pulled over, and did not respond to the officers’ demand to stop, as a result of which the police had to chase her down.

“At the same time, using the window regulator, the woman clamped the hand of the Traffic Police inspector with the side glass of her car. Given the circumstances, the officers decided to break the glass and detain the offender,” the police explained. 

Two administrative protocols and three decisions on violations were drawn up in relation to the lawyer.



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