Krasnodar region: married couple killed postwoman for $1.5k 

Krasnodar region: married couple killed postwoman for $1.5k
Slain Evgeniya Zhogina Photo: KP

The man and the woman have been arrested.

The Investigative Committee in the Krasnodar region has reported on the investigation into the murder of 37-year-old postwoman Evgeniya Zhogina. A married couple living in the region's Vyselkovsky district has been detained on suspicion of committing the crime. 

According to preliminary data, a 29-year-old woman and her 30-year-old husband were supposed to receive payment from the postwoman, but the man offered his wife to kill Zhogina and take possession of all her money – that day, the woman was to carry about 96 thousand rubles ($1,492).

The couple invited the woman to come inside since it was raining. The woman agreed. When she entered their apartment, the man’s wife hit her with a hammer on the head, and her husband then strangled the victim. According to the forensic expert, the death was caused by asphyxia. 


“After that, the defendants loaded the body of the deceased woman into their car and took it to an open area of land near their house, where they hid it in a forest belt, covering it with branches and dirt,” the ICR’s official message says. 

The couple has been charged. A preventive measure in the form of confinement has been elected against them.



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