Krasnodar judge who cussed out plaintiff dismissed 

Krasnodar judge who cussed out plaintiff dismissed
Alexey Shevchenko

The Judicial Commission found the behavior of Alexey Shevchenko disgraceful.

The story of Alexey Shevchenko, the arbitration judge of the Krasnodar Territory, who cussed out the plaintiff, came to an upshot. The scolding was posted on the Internet. By the decision of the regional Arbitration Court leadership an official check was carried out.

A special commission was set up to conduct the audit; it assessed the judge's actions in terms of professional ethics. It was unknown what decision the commission had made, but soon after the audit was appointed, Alexey Shevchenko applied for dismissal. The court refused to comment.

"I had no right to behave this way, I punished myself," Shevchenko, who behaved disgraceful, admitted.

Recall, the scandal upon the behavior of the Kuban judge broke up on February 15, when the audio of his aggressive speech spread on the Internet. Answering the representative of the plaintiff question on possibility of quick review, Shevchenko triggered and cussed out the lawyer. 



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