Krasnodar judge cussed out plaintiff and resigned 

Krasnodar judge cussed out plaintiff and resigned
Judge Alexey Shevchenko

The audio recording with the inappropriate behavior of the Judge spread around the web.

The scandal upon strange and defiant behavior of Judge Alexey Shevchenko broke up recently in the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Territory. During the hearing, he reacted aggressively to the request of the plaintiff's representative to review the case quickly and, cussing out, stated that he did not intend to hurry up.

The representative of the plaintiff asked courteously and within the framework of judicial ethics to consider the matter more quickly, as the consideration was postponed till March 20 by the court decision.

"Your honor, is it possible to consider the case today?"

The answer of Judge Alexey Shevchenko was uncompromising and rude. He began his remark in a raised voice.

"Definitely not! You can complain to Russian President Vladimir Putin even! No, ***, I threw everything and began to consider, ***! You worked for two years or three... Now you come and want to squeeze me against the wall? Ask the representative of the defendant, she's local, did someone success?"

Smiling, the defendant replied "No" and the judge continued his bold response.

"That's all. Therefore, *** if your creditors are not able to agree, ***, well, then ***, I will lead the parade, as Ostap Bender said," the Judge concluded.

Outstanding behavior invited the attention of the Arbitration Court leadership. A special commission was set up to verify the incident. According to the latest information, it became known that the Judge had resigned.



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