Krasnodar: four men kidnap teen  

Krasnodar: four men kidnap teen

Earlier, residents of Ust-Labinsk district told about a young man who escaped from slavery.

Social networks got a video in which four men push a young man in a Kia jeep. According to the author of the video, the incident happened in Krasnodar, there were no license's plates on the car, and the kidnapped person was a minor.

“Today, on Morskaya Street at 12:05, four men forcibly pushed a teenager into a white Kia jeep and drove off towards Gavrilova Street. The car was without license plates,” the author wrote.

The police began to verify the incident, said the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar, Artem Konovalenko.

On the eve of the village of Kirpilskaya Ust-Labinsk district, residents went to a rally on the square in front of the administration building. “We are afraid of letting our children go outside, especially girls. Unknown dragged them into the car and took away," Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes the participant of the meeting.

The cause of the concern of residents was a young man who identified himself as Igor from Krasnodar. He ran into a grocery store and asked for help from a saleswoman. According to the guy, he was kept in slavery for three days in a house “along the Krupskaya street; there is a house there, people of different ages are kept on chains.” Igor allegedly “worked on carrots,” and then he asked for leave to wash in the river and ran away.

Saleswoman hid fugitive in the back. Soon there were cars full of people who were looking for a guy. Residents of the village gave money to the fugitive on the bus to Krasnodar and then went to the square with the requirements to check the situation.

The police did not find any confirmations of the slave owner. The farmer, on whom suspicion had fallen, said that Igor wanted to earn money for a date with a girl, but he withstood only half a day and left. According to some information, the young man got to Krasnodar, but no one was able to contact him.



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