Krasnodar family eating humans for 20 years  

Krasnodar family eating humans for 20 years
Dmitry Baksheev

The spouses living in the Russian town of Krasnodar have been killing people for 20 years and using their meat for food.⁠

Investigative bodies of Krasnodar Krai are investigating a series of resonant murders committed by the married couple, Dmitry and Natalia Baksheevs. Officers could close in on them after on September, 11 workers found a cell phone during the repair of Repina Street, the memory of which had several selfies of the man, posing with a woman's head and hand. The workers reported to the law enforcement agencies about the shocking find.


Natalia Baksheeva

The police identified the owner of the phone found. He was 35-year-old Dmitry Baksheev. After the arrest, he assured the operatives that he had found the remains of the body in Aviagorodka area, and "just took pictures with them."

On September 12, the police found the remains of a murdered woman near the location of the phone - in the territory of the military aviation school in Dzerzhinskogo Street. The body of the victim was dismembered, and its parts were put into a bucket and packages. In addition, operatives also found a bag with personal belongings of the deceased on the territory of the educational institution. 

Investigative bodies conducted searches in the house of the detainees. There they found a lot of cell phones belonging to the victims, and the remains of at least eight people. In the refrigerator the cannibals kept seven packets of frozen human meat. In addition, law enforcement officers found 19 pieces of skin, which the spouses removed from their victims. To top it all, there was discovered a collection of video tutorials and recipes for cooking human meat, including canned.

One of the photographs, which was found during the search and became evidence, is dated December 28, 1999. According to this fact, the family couple has committed their crimes for almost 20 years.

At the interrogation, Natalia Baksheeva gave confessions and identified more than 30 victims from the photographs. She told the investigators that she and her husband had killed them, and then eaten. Previously, all victims were considered missing.

It is noteworthy that the woman has worked as a nurse in the flying school all the time and, as the investigators suppose, she fed the cadets-pilots with stew made of the man.

The previous night the police found the remains of seven victims, it will be possible to establish their identity only through the examination of DNA.

Shocked residents of Krasnodar managed to spread rumors of a "homeless cannibal" who was caught in the territory of the flying school. According to media reports, the family of cannibals lived in a dormitory belonging to the school.

Currently, the investigation of this resonant case is ongoing, law enforcement agencies determine all the circumstances of the crimes committed.




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