Krasnodar cannibals tried to organize supply of long pig in bistro 

Krasnodar cannibals tried to organize supply of long pig in bistro
Evidence found in Baksheev's house

The owner of one of the Krasnodar cafes told how Natalia Baksheeva came to him and offered meat at a lower price.

As reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda, the Krasnodar cannibals tried to sell human meat to the catering establishment. According to the owner of a small bistro, which worked on the territory of the Yubileiny microdistrict in Krasnodar in 2010, once Baksheeva came there to get a job as a cook. Also, the woman was actively interested in deliveries of food to the institution and offered meat at a low price.

"She continued to ask all about meat. Like, maybe I want to buy it cheaper. I immediately remembered this conversation with her when media wrote that the cannibals were detained in Krasnodar. And the woman on pictures in the Internet is the one who came to me. I understood everything; that's why she was asking me about meat suppliers. Apparently, she wanted to sell human flesh to me," the bistro owner told media.

Recall, the CrimeRussia reported that in Krasnodar, a married couple of cannibals was detained. 35-year-old Dmitry and 42-year-old Natalia Baksheevs lived in a hostel on the territory of Air Force Academy and for about 20 years killed people, cut off bodies and consumed meat for food. During the searches, numerous human remains were found: cans and packages of salted and frozen meat, photographs of dismembered corpses, recipes and a lot of cell phones of the victims.

According to preliminary data, about 30 victims are under their belt. It is noteworthy that none of their neighbors suspected of what crimes the spouses were committing. They were trailed and arrested by the police after Dmitry accidentally lost the phone, in which there were his selfie with a dismembered corpse. The mobile was found by the workers and taken to the police, after which the owner of the cell phone was established.



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