Cannibal couple’s neighbours saw them arguing drunk and carrying bloody bags

Cannibal couple’s neighbours saw them arguing drunk and carrying bloody bags
Krasnodar cannibals Natalia and Dmitry Baksheevs

The criminal case on the family of cannibals is gaining momentum, more and more shocking details are emerging.⁠

As it turned out, cannibals Dmitry and Natalia Baksheevs were pestering neighbors with endless boozy sessions for several years, in addition, they often raised a rumpus and behaved menacingly. Now the investigation is trying to find out why the Krasnodar cannibals were not caught earlier.

According to Life, Dmitry and Natalia met not earlier than 2012, when she was 37 years old, and he was 30. At that time Baksheev worked in the military holding Slavyanka and received housing from the Ministry of Defense. Dmitry made money off of repair, internal and finishing works on military new buildings, where the officers' families were subsequently resettled. In his phone the police found a selfie with the severed hand of the victim, which he made on one of these apartments, it is likely that the man repeatedly brought human remains to work.

Natalia was a nurse in a air force school and lived in a dormitory at an educational institution. After the death of her husband-officer she had a son, Nikolay, but the woman began to abuse alcohol and soon she was fired from her job.

The son of Natalia, according to the inhabitants of the Aviagorodok, left his mother immediately after majority and did not keep in touch with her. According to some information, the young man studies at the law faculty.

Soon after the acquaintance Dmitry and Natalia got married and began to live together. The couple lived small, arranging endless drunkings and scandals, their neighbors also suffered. In addition, they accumulated debts for utility services.

During the searches, the police found a photo with human remains, dated 1999, this detail indicates that Dmitry started killing and eating people long before getting to know Natalia, and then lured her into.

According to the neighbors' stories about the hostel, an unpleasant smell was constantly spreading from their room: a mixture of Corvalolum and unwashed things. In 2015, residents of the hostel even tried to evict the neighbors, but failed. It is noteworthy that even then neighbors and acquaintances noticed many oddities in the behavior of the couple, but did not lay emphasis. "Once Dimka came to us, put the bag on the floor, and the blood began to flow from the bag. He always cursed with his own, bickered. But at the same time he was henpecked," said the seller of the store, located near the hostel.

Once neighbors had to call firefighters because of the pungent smell of burning. It turned out that Baksheev burned female clothes in the basement of the hostel. Then he declared that these were his wife's old dresses, which she did not wear, but no one put on the alert.

Recall, the CrimeRussia reported that they were trailed and arrested by the police after Dmitry accidentally lost the phone, in which there were his selfie with a dismembered corpse. The mobile was found by the workers and taken to the police, after which the owner of the cell phone was established. The last crime was committed on September 8: first they drank with an unfamiliar woman, and then killed and dismembered her.



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