Krasnodar cannibals deny eating human beings

Krasnodar cannibals deny eating human beings

Employees of the Krasnodar Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN), being afraid of the life of Dmitry Baksheev, house a man in solitary confinement.⁠

Members of the Krasnodar Territory Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) Viktor Belikov and Sergey Levushkan met with Baksheev to find out where he houses. Recall, the CrimeRussia reported that 35-year-old Dmitry and his 42-year-old wife Natalia are accused of numerous murders and cannibalism.

At a meeting with human rights defenders, Baksheev denied that he had killed people and ate human flesh. He confessed only in one murder - for which he, in fact, was detained. However, after the arrest of the couple, many testimonies from their acquaintances and neighbors appeared: everyone claims that the Baksheevs were inadequate.

Recall, on September 8, the spouses killed and dismembered 35-year-old Elena Vakhrusheva, whom they met on the eve. Some of the remains were hidden in the territory of an abandoned high-rise building, where they committed a crime, and some were eaten. Then Dmitry took photos with the victim's hand cut off. Numerous photos were discovered accidentally after the man lost his phone, and the workers found him. The police established the identity of the owner of the mobile phone, and the Baksheevs were detained.

Dmitry Baksheev told human rights activists that he felt uncomfortable in solitary confinement, but he had no complaints on the policemen and the FSIN officers. In addition, he noted that in the press he and his wife were slandered - they did not eat people. Dmitry also expressed his intention to human rights activists to achieve the transfer to a common cell.

We add that during the searches at the spouses’ house there were found human remains in cans and packages, numerous photographs and recipes. One of the pictures was dated December 29, 1999; it shows a human head with oranges. The photo was attached to the case as evidence.

The Krasnodar cannibal told human rights activists that he misses his wife, whom he met 9 years ago on the bus. By the way, Natalia Baksheeva is currently also under arrest, but she is not kept in solitary confinement, but in a common cell. Cellmates joke at her address: "Well, did you eat humans?" The woman also denies that she practiced cannibalism and does not admit her guilt in the crimes committed.



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