Kotler suicide might be linked to Magomedov case

Kotler suicide might be linked to Magomedov case
Yuri Kotler Photo: Ruslan Krivobok / RIA Novosti

The businessman was a witness in the case against the Summa owners.

Yuri Kotler, the former head of the Moscow Office of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP), a member of the United Russia expert council and former vice-president of VTB Bank, was found at home with a bullet in his head. The Investigative Committee is establishing the cause of the entrepreneur’s death. According to preliminary data, Kotler committed suicide; a gun and a suicide note were found near the body. The note says he made the decision for personal reasons.

Apparently, Kotler had not been returning his friends’ calls for three days, so his wife, who is living in France, asked the family driver to go check on her husband. The door was locked from the inside. The driver called MIA officers who broke open the door and found Kotler's body on the bed.

The Moscow Arbitration Court found Kotler bankrupt on May 3 on a statement of VTB Bank. He had to repay a loan he had taken to buy an apartment, and the amount of debt to the bank was 50 million rubles ($800.000). Kotler might have found the bankruptcy status unbearable.

The investigation is also working on a theory that being a witness in the brothers Magomedov case might have been Kotler’s “personal reason”. The brothers are currently in the Lefortovo detention center. Kotler had testified in the Magomedov case before he killed himself, according to Kommersant.

Kotler was one of the managers of the Moscow NCSP, which is part of the Summa Group, between 2016 and 2017. According to one of his friends, Kotler looked anxious lately, and despite he left NCSP in 2017, the detectives had questions related to the Magomedov case, and Kotler was extremely stressed about the situation.

Before Ziyavudin Magomedov and Magomed Magomedov got arrested, Transneft was supposed to buy Summa's stake in NCSP, thus becoming the owner of the company's blocking stake. After the arrest, however, the deal was suspended.

Kotler appealed to the Savelovsky Court with a suit against NCSP in April 2018. He was trying to make NCSP pay him his salary of a few million rubles. The businessman had been fired over absenteeism, according to media reports.




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