Komi woman who knelt before Putin is dead

Komi woman who knelt before Putin is dead
Vladimir Putin

Social activists who began to look for her after the national phone-in with the president found that out.

The woman who gave the note to President Vladimir Putin in Komi is dead, said Daria Shuchalina, a member of the republic’s public chamber and a journalist.

She said that a source in the security forces reported about the death of the republic resident, who had once been on her knees asking Vladimir Putin to help stop her son’s prosecution. The source also said that there was no pressure on the son mentioned in the scandalous note.

According to Shuchalina’s source, the man is still in prison after he was sentenced as a member of a major organized crime group in the region. His involvement in killings and other serious crimes was proven.

Shuchalina said the note thing was "a sensation blown out of proportion" and said she hopes that "the republic will stop hyping it up so much."

Earlier, human rights ombudsman in Komi Nadezhda Bykovskaya said that public activists were actively looking for the woman who had turned to Putin in 2010 during his visit to the republic. The president told the story about the lost note at the national phone-in on June 20, admitting that he was still ashamed of that incident.



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