Kolpino Head charged with robbery

Kolpino Head charged with robbery
Vadim Ivanov

The official still does not recognize his participation in the robbery of the entrepreneur, committed 13 years ago.

Detained on suspicion of involvement in an armed robbery the Municipality Head of Kolpino, the Leningrad region, Vadim Ivanov was charged by ICR investigators under part 3 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code. This was announced by the accused's lawyer Alexander Golovanov, noting that Ivanov does not recognize his guilt.

Robbery, in which the Head of Kolpino is suspected of, has been committed in 2003. Four residents of Kolpino attacked a resident of St. Petersburg, which had in possession 50 thousand dollars in the entrance of the house on the Marshala Zakharova street. Threatening with a pistol, they beat the guard of the entrepreneur and took away the money.

Arrests in the case began only in 2013, when one of the attackers, who was in prison, wrote a confession, naming his accomplices. Two of them and a finger, who was the sister of the victim, were detained. The case against Ivanov, who was already the Head of the municipality in 2013, was separated from.

Only three years later, on the evening of September 28, 2016, Vadim Ivanov was arrested in his office by employees of the MID ICR, and on 30 September he arrested by the court for a month and escorted to the Kresty pre-trial detention center. Ivanov was not removed from post and not suspended from duties.

The Mayor himself said about his arrest that the criminal case against him was fabricated by supporters of the incinerator’s construction in Kolpino at the landfill site Krasny Bor, which keeps about 2 billion kilograms of toxic waste. Ivanov is known as an opponent of the project.



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