Kolpino City Head arrested for robbery in residential building lobby

Kolpino City Head arrested for robbery in residential building lobby
Vadim Ivanov

Investigators believe that in 2003, Vadim Ivanov and his accomplices threatened a woman with a weapon and robbed her in the lobby of a residential building. A year later, the suspect became a member of the Municipal Council.⁠

On the evening of September 28, officers of the RF IC Main Investigation Department detained the head of the Kolpino municipal city, Vadim Ivanov, in his office.

Investigators suspect the city administrator of robbery at gunpoint, committed by a group of persons in the lobby of a residential house on the Marshal Zakharov Street in 2003. The victim was an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg.

The investigation believes that the raiders acted on a tip-off by the victim's sister, a drug addict Tatyana Sorokoumova. They were waiting for the businesswoman in the lobby, knowing that she had some 50 thousand USD (about 1 million 400 thousand rubles) in her bag.

Threatening with a pistol, the attackers beat up the victim's bodyguard, snitched the bag, and fled the scene on a car.

It is worth noting that all participants in the attack have already been identified, convicted, and are serving their sentences. The case file had only one "unidentified person," who the investigation believes to be the head of Kolpino.

According to the St. Petersburg press, the criminal case had been initiated in 2003, but the arrested started only in 2013, when a career criminal Dmitry Bolshakov, who was in a detention center, gave himself up. He admitted a number of offenses, including the robbery on the Marshal Zakharov Street.

Bolshakov said that for that crime he had been assigned the role of a driver. He claimed that the attack was planned by Sergey Kirzhakova and the victim’s sister Tatyana Sorokoumova. In addition, two more people were involved in the robbery — a businessman and an athlete Anton Vasilenko, and Vadim Ivanov.

After the confession, Kirzhakov, Sorokoumova, and Vasilenko were detained. According to Fontanka, the case against Vadim Ivanov was singled out in a separate proceeding, and despite the fact that the name of the fourth participant of the robbery was known to the investigators, they called him "an unidentified person." Perhaps this happened because at the time when the detentions started, Vadim Ivanov had long been the head of the Kolpino municipality.

Meanwhile, Ivanov’s official biography contains nothing that could indicate his connection to the criminal underworld. Vadim Ivanov grew up in a family of production engineers. After high school, he entered the Leningrad State Maritime Academy named after Admiral Makarov. Later, in 2009, he received the second higher education in the North-West Academy of Public Administration.

According to Ivanov’s article on Wikipedia, in the 90s, together with his older brother — a veteran of local wars — Vadim was engaged in business: he was responsible for the policy, helping veterans, large families, the inhabitants of the social house, and the children's home-school № 27.

In 2004, for the first time, he was elected to the Kolpino Municipal Council of the 3rd convocation. A year later, the council members elected Ivanov to the post of head of the local administration, and then he was re-elected in 2009. In 2014, Vadim Ivanov became a member of the Municipal Council of the 5th convocation, with the council members voting for him once again. In 2016, Vadim Ivanov became a candidate for the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly on the United Russia list, but this time failed to be elected.

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg press point out to the fact in Ivanov’s biography, which does not appear anywhere else. In 2002, Ivanov received a three-year license of a private security guard, working for the Pleyada security company, and had the right to bear arms. Since 2012, at the very least, he knew one of the participants in the aforementioned robbery, Fontanka reported.

The court is currently addressing the issue of a preventive measure for the 46-year-old official and prepares an indictment.



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