Kokorin weeps in courtroom

Kokorin weeps in courtroom
Alexander Kokorin

The footballer kept apologizing and asked to just let him go home.

Alexander Kokorin, the Zenit forward, could not hold back tears in the courtroom. The 27-year-old football player made a statement saying that he admitted he was wrong and he was full of remorse.

"Honorable court! The Tverskoy court delivered a verdict that is too harsh. I repeatedly offered my deepest apologies to the victims, including personally at the confrontations," Kokorin said.

He also noted that he did not consider himself a dangerous criminal and was not going to hide. The footballer stated that he had a training schedule and everyone knows his whereabouts.

“Please, let me go home to my family, my wife, and my parents,” said Kokorin and burst into tears.



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