Kokorin’s mother about son’s custody: “He is devastated”

Kokorin’s mother about son’s custody: “He is devastated”
Alexander Kokorin

The football player who was placed under custody for two months is depressed.

The mother of Alexander and Kirill Kokorin, who were placed under custody for hooliganism for two months, said that the eldest son was not feeling well and “his lips were shaking.” According to the mother, the football player looks “dark,” “his cheekbones fell in, he was devastated.”

“He feels very bad. Very bad. This is not his usual condition,” Kokorina shared her impression on a Rossiya TV channel live show.

Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev are awaiting trial at Butyrka, they have refrigerators, televisions and everything necessary. The players face up to seven years in prison for attacking the Ministry of Industry and Trade official Denis Pak and CEO of the NAMI state enterprise Sergey Gaysin, as well as Vitaly Solovchuk, the driver of Pervy Kanal (First Channel) host. 



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