Kokorin's lawyer looking for eyewitnesses  

Kokorin's lawyer looking for eyewitnesses
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Tatyana Stukalova, Kokorin's defense lawyer, asked anyone willing to give testimony to contact her.

Tatyana Stukalova representing Zenit's forward Alexander Kokorin, has made a post on Instagram asking everyone who had witnessed the fight of her client and Pavel Mamaev to contact her.

She reminded that the incidents occurred on October 8 at about 7 am on 2nd Brestskaya Street and at about 9 am in a cafe on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street.

The players Mamaev and Kokorin were detained as part of the investigation into two hooliganism cases. First, the athletes beat the driver of a Channel One host, and then a Trade Ministry official, Denis Pak.

In addition, police arrested Kokorin’s brother Kirill and amateur football league player from the Moscow region, Alexander Protasovitsky, who also took part in the brawls.

Video: Kokorin and Mamaev beat up official in Cofemania

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