Kokorin explains why he hit Ministry of Industry and Trade official with chair

Kokorin explains why he hit Ministry of Industry and Trade official with chair
Alexander Kokorin

The football player assured that such behavior is an isolated case and he does not like fights.

FC Zenit striker Alexander Kokorin has finished testifying in court about the fight with the Trade Ministry employee Denis Pak and driver Vitaly Solovchuk. The football player didn’t fight the latter and explained that the conflict with the official happened due to fatigue. Kokorin allegedly took the chair to sit next to Pak and explain himself after the conflict started, but the official insulted the football player, the BBC Russian Service reports.

“I heard the word. I asked, to whom it was addressed, he said that to me. Then I automatically hit him, because the chair was in my hands. I was just tired, it just happened,” Kokorin said.

He also admitted that before the fight, he compared the official, as a joke, with the Korean singer PSY and did not consider it an insult. Moreover, the player himself repeatedly put up the the dance from Gangnam Style after scoring goals.

During the conflict with Solovchuk, Kokorin allegedly tried to separate the driver and Pavel Mamayev and Kirill Kokorin who had attacked him. The fight began with finding out whom the driver called prags. In the course of the verbal skirmish, Kokorin grabbed the driver by the hand, after which the latter punched him in the face, and Mamayev immediately reacted.

“If he had apologized, nothing would have happened,” Kokorin assured.

The company then loudly discussed this incident in the Egoist cafe. Kokorin admitted that he laid his feet on the table, kissed Ekaterina Bobkova, but did not imitate sexual intercourse with her, as the victim earlier told. The football player justified the noisy behavior by a night spent in the nightclub, and responded evasively about the use of obscene language – “different words could have been used.”

After the Zenit striker, Kirill Kokorin testified in court.



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