Footballer Kokorin caught flu in jail

Footballer Kokorin caught flu in jail
Alexander Kokorin in court

There have been no claims regarding the conditions of detention.

FC Zenit striker Alexander Kokorin, placed in the Butyrka pre-trial detention center, caught a flu and is not in a good mood. The executive secretary of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission, Ivan Melnikov, told this to Sovetsky Sport.

“Alexander feels bad, so he had medicines in his cell, and he spoke in his nose. He caught a flu,” he said, adding that the doctor regularly checks the players.

Melnikov added that the athletes have no complaints about the conditions of detention. They continue to train, although they have decreased gym visits.

“Mamayev said that he plays sports in the ward. He has a yoga mat, and he does abdominal exercises on it. Pavel's cellmate also keeps his fit with him,” Melnikov said.



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