Kokorin apologizes, asks for freedom

Kokorin apologizes, asks for freedom
Alexander Kokorin Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

The football player read his appeal to the court from a piece of paper.

The football player Alexander Kokorin spoke at the hearing. He apologized and asked to be left free so that he could make amends. The athlete read his last plea from a piece of paper.

“Honorable Court, first I would like to apologize for the shameful act against the victim, Denis Klementevich Pak. I disgraced myself in the eyes of my parents, the club, and football fans. My conduct was unacceptable, and I will do everything to earn their forgiveness and make amends,” Kokorin said as quoted by the LifeShot Telegram Channel.

Kokorin’s lawyer, Umalat Saigitov, asked the judge to release the player on a written undertaking not to leave the city. The prosecution requested custody, fearing the defendant might escape and put pressure on the witnesses. The judge retired to the deliberation room and will soon announce the decision.

Earlier, the court jailed Kokorin’s brother Kirill in a closed session. They both participated in the fight with the Trade Ministry official, Denis Pak.



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