Kokorin and Mamaev portrayed as Matryoshkas wearing prison uniform

Kokorin and Mamaev portrayed as Matryoshkas wearing prison uniform
Matryoshkas (Russian nesting dolls) Kokorin and Mamaev

The toys for sale were made in Podmoskovye (localities near Moscow).

Matryoshkas (Russian nesting dolls) of Russian footballers Aleksander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev portrayed as inmates were made by an artist from a town of Ruza in Moscow Oblast Vera Streltsova. This is being reported by a 360 TV-channel.

Matryoshka souvenirs have always been popular in Russia, and I have many orders on the manufacturing of Matryoshkas with faces of famous people. Now, I’m working on Matryoshkas of Kokorin and Mamaev portrayed as inmates. However, I hope they will pull themselves together, and everything will be fine with our footballers.” Streltsova said.

Earlier, the artist made Matryoshkas of Russian footballers of 2018 FIFA World Cup, as well the ones with the face of a Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the US President Donald Trump. 

On October 11, Moscow Tverskoy Court arrested Pavel Mamaev and Aleksander Kokorin for 2 months for attacking Vitaly Solovchuk, a driver of a Channel One TV-host Olga Ushakova, as well as Minpromtorg’s (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation) official Denis Pak, and NAMI’s (The Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute) Director General Sergey Gaisin. Criminal case under article 213 (Hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is initiated. The detainees will remain in a remand prison №2 Butyrka till December 8. 



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