Kizlyar market shootout provoked by director change; 7 get lengthy jail terms

Kizlyar market shootout provoked by director change; 7 get lengthy jail terms
At the scene

Nevertheless, neither the defense nor the prosecution was satisfied with the verdict.

The details of the shootout at the Kizlyar market have been reported. Dagestani court convicted seven people involved in the incident yesterday. The slaughter that occurred as far back as in October 2014 was preceded by a conflict between the market director and his administrator.

According to Kommersant, on October 8, 2014, Ruslan Guseynov became the new director of the Kizlyar market. The man studied the performance of the previous management and remained unimpressed by the administrator Magomedamin Mamayev, whom he asked to deal with the financial situation.

Mamayev thought he was about to get fired and wanted to intimidate Guseynov. To do that, he created an organized group of the security personnel, as stated in the investigation materials.

At about eight in the morning the next day, the criminals turned off the market security cameras. At about nine o'clock, when Guseynov and his seven companions came to the market administration building, Mamayev and his accomplices burst into the director’s office and attacked the new director before shooting several guns at him and his companions. The head of the market security service, Eldar Salikhov, was killed in the massacre, while Guseynov and five other people received gunshot wounds of varying degrees of severity. In addition, Guseynov received numerous blows with a gun handle on the head, from which he lost consciousness, and that must have saved him from death since the attackers did not think of finishing him off believing he was already dead. After the crime, Mamayev and his group escaped from the scene.

More than 250 witnesses were questioned in the case with over 100 forensic examinations scheduled. There are more than 100 volumes of investigation materials and the indictment alone took up 25 volumes.

It was the first case in the Supreme Court of Dagestan history where a jury considers a criminal case in respect of that many defendants; the jury was dissolved twice.

The men involved in the massacre were charged under articles pertaining to murder, attempted murder, illegal arms trafficking, theft of property, intentional destruction of property and fraud.

The market administrator, Magomedamin Mamayev, was sentenced to 22 years in a penal colony and restriction of freedom for two years, Bagavutdin Guseynov was sentenced to 18 years in a penal colony and restriction of freedom for one year, Georgy Chaganava to 12 years in a penal colony and restriction of freedom for 1,5 years, Magomed Rizvanov to 2 years and eight months in a general-regime colony. Ruslan Aliyev, Magomed Khalidov and Gasan Mutayev each got six years and eight months of the general-regime colony and a restriction of freedom of 1,5 years. To top it all, each of the convicts must pay a fine of 80 thousand rubles.

Three out of the ten defendants were acquitted on all counts at the end of last year.

In addition to participating in the slaughter, security guards Rizvanov and Chaganava were accused of stealing goods from several outlets, one of which was set on fire in 2013. Chaganava, Aliyev, Khalidov and Mutayev were also held liable for purchasing and storing a narcotic substance discovered during the search.

The verdict has already been appealed by both parties to the judicial division for criminal cases of the Supreme Court of Russia.



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