Kirovles case: Navalny found guilty. Again 

Kirovles case: Navalny found guilty. Again
Alexey Navalny

The opposition leader excluded the possibility of acquittal, and came to the announcement with a bag prepared for the detention facility.⁠

Alexey Navalny and Petr Ofitserov are repeatedly found guilty of Kirovles’s property embezzlement. It follows from the text of the sentence, which Leninsky District Court’s Judge Alex Vtyurin read, the correspondent of Meduza reported. The imposition of punishment will be announced later.

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Earlier, the prosecution requested to sentence Navalny to five years' imprisonment and Ofitserov - to four years. In addition, the Prosecutor's Office requested to appoint both a fine - 500 thousand rubles.

Navalny himself excluded the possibility of acquittal, and came to the announcement with a bag prepared for the detention facility.

-Ну ты сумочку-то на всякий случай возьми, — сказали мои адвокаты и они, конечно, правы. Нет ничего глупее, чем понадеяться на авось и оказаться в СИЗО без вещей. Потом будешь месяц передачу со спортивными штанами и носками выцарапывать из администрации. Ну а Юля у меня уже стала профи по быстрому сбору сумки в соответствии с инструкцией "Что можно туда взять". #thuglife #приговор #mylifestyle #гражданин_пройдемте

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Instagram: “Well, take a handbag just in case,” said my lawyers and they are certainly right. There is nothing more foolish than chance for hope and be placed in the pre-trial detention center without things. Then you will spend a month asking for sports pants and socks from the administration. But Julia has already become a pro on quick collection of bags in accordance with the instructions "What can be taken here".

The Kirovles's case was reconsidered, because the European Court of Human Rights found that during the first trial Navalny and Ofitserov were found guilty of actions indistinguishable from the ordinary course of business.

In the process of re-charges the accusatory theory has not been changed. Judge Vtyurin refused to call any witnesses and defense experts referring to the fact that this information is in the case file.

Navalny and Ofitserov are again found guilty in the fact that they forced the leadership of Kirovles to sell them goods at a low price and then resell it at a profit. The court ruled that the company suffered damage in an especially large scale - 16 million rubles. In the first trial Navalny was sentenced to five years probation, Ofitserov - to four years (the prosecution asked the real term).



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