Kirov PMC deputy head sent open letter to Nikita Belykh

Kirov PMC deputy head sent open letter to Nikita Belykh
Nikita Belykh

Artur Abashev has slammed Belykh.

Deputy Head of the Kirov regional Public Monitoring Commission Artur Abashev has posted an open letter to former Kirov region Governor Nikita Belykh on the web. The message has been posted on the Internet portal 7x7-Kirovaskaya oblast (Kirov region).

In his message, Artur Abashev has pointed out his negative attitude towards Nikita Belykh as a person, but added that he considers him a good governor and does not believe that he had taken bribes. The PMC deputy head has also added most of his friends in the region either do not share the investigation’s viewpoint.

Artur Abashev has been candid about the fact that he "despises" Nikita Belykh as a person, who "had sold the Union of Right Forces Party for the governor's office, but continued pretending to be a liberal."  There have also been some stinging digs: The human rights defender Expressed his hope that Belykh regretted that he had not provided any assistance to the PMC in the field of protecting prisoners' rights.    

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"As is known, there is no such thing as a get-out-of-jail-free card; therefore, it is possible that other people will start to help members of the PMC in different regions following your example," Abashev added.

In conclusion of his message, Artur Abashev wished the ex-official to prepare for the worst outcome of the situation, since, most likely, the latter would spend at least six months in the pre-trial detention center, and then another 5 or 7 years in the colony.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Nikita Belykh was arrested in summer 2016 on suspicion of bribery. He is currently in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center.



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