Kirov deputy throws grenade at policeman’s feet

Kirov deputy throws grenade at policeman’s feet

Earlier, a representative of the golden youth was convicted of recklessness and allegedly provoked a car accident.

The investigative authorities launched a criminal case on the encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer in relation to the 21-year-old lawyer, Nikolay Dubravin, a son of the Sloboda City Council deputy, the son of a namesake deputy, the Kirov edition of Newsler reports. According to journalists, Dubravin Jr. threw a dummy hand grenade under the policeman’s feet and later explained that he was shooting another social experiment.

“I wanted to know whether he soiled his pants or not,” Dubravin Jr. wrote.

In January 2019, the deputy made a splash in the field of social experiments. In the first, the car-lawyer grabbed a dummy girl by the hair and dragged her into the car. None of the eyewitnesses stood up for the victim. In the second video, Dubravin Jr. bummed a ride on his knees on the highway, but no one stopped. In the third, the deputy threw a package into the trash can, from which the child’s recorded cry sounded.

In October 2017, a resident of Kirov, Andrey Rybakov, published a photo in the Typical SLOBODSKOY {TS} public page of the car-lawyer's car that violated traffic rules. “This is how Nikolay Dubravin, a deputy of the city duma, allows riding. While he was driving from Slobodskoy, he crossed a full-line ten times and provoked a car accident,” Rybakov wrote.



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