Kirov court clerk caught drunk driving 

Kirov court clerk caught drunk driving
Still from the video

In Kirov, traffic police have detained a court clerk driving in a drunken state.

The recording showing a girl named Kseniya begging to let her go was posted in Mesto Proisshestviya group. 

In the video made by a film crew on duty with traffic police officers, when asked about the smell of alcohol, a young girl behind the wheel of Zhiguli said that she sat on the driver's seat of a friend’s car in order to “just drive 2 meters in the parking lot.”

Realizing that she got in trouble, and an administrative protocol was to be drawn up, she burst into tears. It turned out that the girl works in a court nearby as a clerk, and being drunk and driving under the influence might result not only in the revocation of her driver’s license, but in possible dismissal.

“Can I be frank with you? Are you recoding this? You do realize that I work in court, which is just across the street? I just wanted to drive around the parking lot. I wasn’t heading anywhere, I just moved the car a few metres. They’ll fire me, you know that? Please, you have to understand my situation. Let's just hush this up through clerks and inspectors,” the violator asked the inspectors.

However, as reported by the MIA State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate in the Kirov region, an administrative report has been drawn up in relation to the girl; she faces deprivation of a driving license for a period of 1.5 to 2 years and a fine of 30 thousand rubles ($454).

Video: Court clerk caught drunk driving behind the wheel of Zhiguli, Moskovskaya Street



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