Killer of World and European Champion in Powerlifting Andrey Drachev and his notorious fate as a bandit 

Killer of World and European Champion in Powerlifting Andrey Drachev and his notorious fate as a bandit
Anar Allahveranov was detained together with his brother in a village near Khabarovsk

The CrimeRussia recognized Anar Allakhveranov, wanted on suspicion of the murder of the World and European champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev, in the archival shots of the operational shooting. Previously the suspect was part of a group of racketeers, created by his brother Natig Allakhveranov on the basis of Fight Club Master.

In March 2013, Special Rapid Deployment Force (SOBR) soldiers detained Anar Allakhveranov along with his elder brother Natig in the parents' home during an operation aimed at eliminating the ethnic criminal group, which was complicit in extortion, robbery and other grave crimes.

The special operation to detain the suspects simultaneously in several districts of Khabarovsk was jointly prepared and conducted by the Far Eastern Central Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB of Russia in Khabarovsk Krai backed by the SOBR.

On the shots of operational shooting it is clearly visible that the first detainee, dressed in a white T-shirt, is Anar Aliyar ogly Allakhveranov, wanted on suspicion of the murder of Andrey Drachev. The second person in the house is his elder brother Natig Aliyar ogly Allakhveranov.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Far Eastern Federal District reported after the detention of suspects that those individuals were identified during operational search activities in the framework of an investigation into a criminal case on intentional infliction of grave harm to health, dangerous to human life. A resident of the Far Eastern capital were beaten in early May 2013 at the parking lot near the Far Eastern State Academy of Physical Culture. According to a source in the Far Eastern Criminal Investigation Department, one of the members of the criminal group was beaten, from whom 60.000 rubles ($1 thousand) were demanded for the withdrawal from the criminal activity.

Maestro in Debt Collection

According to operative data, the criminal group neutralized in the spring of 2013 included more than 10 members, most of them were engaged in fighting types of martial arts. The Main Directorate of the MIA for the federal district separately noted the participation of natives from the North Caucasus region in the group. During the searches in the places of residence of the gang members baseball bats, brass knuckles, traumatic and smooth-bore weapons, a large amount of money, as well as various electronic and paper media, including loan agreements and copies of documents were seized.

It was reported that they drove people into debt through threats and violence. The source in the Khabarovsk Criminal Investigation Department says that the group was characterized by its iron discipline. The desire of the fighters to get out of it was hindered by physical punishment or payment of large sums of money.

After the arrest, the group's organizer and its active member were arrested. They turned out to be co-founders of Khabarovsk regional public organization Fight Club Master, an active participant and coach of which, according to the CrimeRussia, for the past few years was Anar Allakhveranov – brother of Natig Allakhveranov.


Natig Allakhveranov

At trial, the defendants did not admit their guilt. When choosing a preventive measure, the judge took into account that the wanted were hiding from law enforcement agencies for 11 months, they did not reside at the place of registration and were not officially employed.

Later both co-founders Natig Allakhveranov and Evgeny Rufanov were on the dock. They were charged under Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Intentional infliction of a Grave Injury). According to the materials of the criminal case, they inflicted heavy bodily harm on their friend, demanding 60 thousand rubles ($1 thousand) from him. Moreover, according to the testimony, 20 to 40 people from Allakhveranov's group (presumably members of Fight Club Master, including Anar Allakhveranov) were present at the scene of the beating. However, the court found that only these two had beaten the victim.

On June 16, 2015, the Central District Court of Khabarovsk sentenced both defendants to four years' suspended terms. In September of the same year the defense of the victim appealed the decision of the court, and in September 2015 the perpetrators were given a real term in a strict regime colony. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation rejected the cassation appeal of the lawyer of Allakhveranov. It is known that at present he is serving a sentence in correctional facility YaB257/13 in the village of Zaozernoye in Khabarovsk Krai.


Natig Allahveranov in court

Brother for Brother

Notably, Natig Allakhveranov remained the founder and the head of the fight club, although, Vostok-Media notes, according to the federal law On public associations a person being held in places of deprivation of liberty by a court verdict can not be a founder, member or participant of a public association. For this the organization was fined for 10 thousand rubles ($169) by a court decision.

In addition to Fight Club Master, Natig Allakhveranov owns a private security company with the same name. And judging by the information of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, it successfully operates while its founder is serving a term in the colony.

According to some sources, the suspect in the murder of Andrei Drachev Anar Allakhveranov supervised the family business after the elder brother was behind bars. According to Anar's profiles on social networks, one can understand that he acts as the organizer of the club's trainings and events, invites people to classes and performs coaching functions in it.

The security company is successful as well. Thus, two weeks ago, on August 7, 2017, Master concluded a state contract worth 735,000 rubles ($12.4 thousand) with regional state autonomous institution Khabarovsk Krai's Sport Development Center as a sole supplier to render services on security of sports and recreation complex Yunost (Youth) in the third quarter of 2017. In 2015, the cost of a similar state procurement of Khabarovsk Krai's Sport Development Center under the contract with private company Master was 2 925 072 rubles ($49.5 thousand). And this is given the fact that the sole founder of the company, Natig Allakhveranov, who has been imprisoned for a long time, is known to Khabarovsk operatives as a leader of one of the local groups engaged in 'covering'.

Death of the champion

However, now the situation must radically change. On August 20, in the center of Khabarovsk during a street fight, a sportsman of international fame, World and European Champion in Powerlifting Andrei Drachev was killed. The cruel killing of an athlete (the assailant deliberately smashed fallen Drachev with a few blows to the head) was filmed by surveillance cameras and smartphones of numerous witnesses of the fight. The alleged murderer of Drachev disappeared from the scene.

drachev (1).jpg

Andrey Drachev (1985-2017)

The tragedy caused a wide public response. Khabarovsk law enforcers began to carry out operative measures to find the suspect and arrest in hot pursuit - transportation hubs were blocked, and all points bulletins were sent for all subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region. Today, the suspect was declared federally wanted.


Andrey Drachev is the World and European Champion in Powerlifting. The athlete also set a triathlon world record in the amount of 1 ton 75 kg 500 g. In April 2017, Andrey Drachev took part in the first Primorye Open Bodybuilding Championship and took first place in the category Extreme Bodybuilding.


Drachev on competition

In addition, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Khabarovsk Krai reported that the criminal case initiated on the death of a sportsman under part 4 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code (Deliberate Infliction of Grievous Bodily Harm, which resulted in the death of the victim through negligence), was re-qualified for a more serious one. The new article (item (i), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder committed from hooligan motives) offers the punishment up to 20 years of imprisonment and life imprisonment.

The Investigative Committee explained that the charge was changed in connection with the newly discovered circumstances of the crime. And although relatives of Anar Allakhveranov tell the Far Eastern media that he rushed into the scuffle after the athlete allegedly insulted him, calling him a "piglet", numerous eyewitnesses, and in particular the witness of the conflict at all three stages, who was together with Drachev in the café, argue the opposite.

The friend of the deceased sportsman told that the suspect provoked Drachev to fight several times. The duel with a fatal outcome, which was on the video, was the third skirmish between the athlete and the suspect. According to the witness, the first time the suspect surreptitiously hit Drachev with his foot when he wrote down his phone number so that, at the suggestion of the athlete, to clear the air in the ring. The second time Allakhveranov took advantage of the moment when Drachev gave his friend a T-shirt and a phone and struck him a few more blows, as a result of which he split the athlete the nose and left the hematoma. In the third fight, the attacker actually killed the athlete.


A few seconds before the tragedy. Screenshot from video

According to witnesses, Anar Allakhveranov was a frequent visitor to nightclubs in Khabarovsk, where he earned a scandalous reputation for being overly aggressive. The circumstances of the fight, and the tactics of the attacker - the provocation of the victim with a large company as a "support group", and then beating "one on one" with strong blows to the head - like two drops of water are similar to the description of the incident for which the elder brother of Anar Allakhveranov is serving his sentence.


Anar Allakhveranov, according to acquaintances, has repeatedly appeared at competitions, but the Khabarovsk circles of the MMA deny acquaintance with him

In addition, yesterday it became known that the conflict between the suspect and Andrey Drachev could have long-standing roots. According to former coach of the deceased athlete Vladimir Mulin, Andrey Drachev and his alleged killer had previously engaged in one school of freestyle wrestling in Khabarovsk and, probably, were familiar until Drachev left the fight for bodybuilding after the injury.

At present, Anar Allakhveranov is hiding. In operational circles, it is believed that the Azeri diaspora of the region could join the rescue of the champion's killer from retaliation.


All Poins Bulletin

Representatives of the Far Eastern martial arts organizations categorically deny his involvement in the official sport, condemn the perpetrator of the incident and mourn for Andrey Drachev, who was respected and loved in Khabarovsk not only in professional sports circles (Andrey also worked as a coach in a prestigious city fitness center).


More than 100 athletes of Khabarovsk honored Andrey Drachev's memory and decided to write a public petition demanding a fair punishment for his killer. It is also known that the Khabarovsk Territory Powerlifting Federation organized a collection of money to help the family of Andrey Drachev. The time and place of the funeral of the athlete is still unknown, since the investigation still has to conduct a number of examinations.

Videos: the detention of local OCG members, 2013 and the murder of Drachev, 2017




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