Killed Roscosmos director had no plans to deal with investigation

Killed Roscosmos director had no plans to deal with investigation
Vladimir Evdokimov Photo: Petr Kassin / Kommersant

Elena Kapchinskaya, the lawyer of Vladimir Evdokimov, claims that her client simply had nothing to tell investigators, since he did not know any valuable information.⁠

Vladimir Evdokimov, the Executive Director on quality control and reliability of Roscosmos state corporation, found on March 18 in Moscow pre-trial detention center №5 with stab wounds in the heart and neck, was not going to make a deal with the investigation. The lawyer of the deceased high-ranking officer Elena Kapchinskaya explained that his client simply did not possess any valuable information for the investigation.

"The issue of cooperation with the investigation implies having some information, which was no the case of Evdokimov", – Kapchinskaya said. According to her, the defendant was not going to plead guilty.

Kapchinskaya claims that her client did not complain about the conditions of detention in the prison. She is not aware of the reasons for the transfer of Evdokimov from the special unit equipped with video surveillance to a common cell without it, which human rights activists discussed the day before.

It should be noted that the defense initially opposed the arrest as a preventive measure for Evdokimov.

"I just think that such a preventive measure (detention) should not have been chosen for Evdokimov. Because there were no prerequisites for the arrest of a man who did not hide from anyone, who voluntarily came to testify before the Investigative Committee and was detained there, a man who was always in sight. And especially on charges of committing a crime that is simply economic", – says Elena Kapchinskaya.

She added that Evdokimov’s family had not decided yet whether to demand further investigation or not. Kapchinskaya herself does not believe in the suicide version, originally put forward by the investigation. It is interesting that the incident that occurred on March, 18 still has not been commented on by either the representatives of the Penitentiary Service or the administration of prison №5.

As The CrimeRussia has previously written, the body of arrested Evdokimov was found at about 4 am on March 18 in the toilet room of the cell, the door of which was locked from the inside. Doctors noted knife wounds in the heart on his body. Later the Investigative Committee called the incident a murder and announced the beginning of interrogation of cellmates of Roscosmos top manager. In addition, sources close to the investigation of the high-profile case report that according to the results of the examination of the body of the deceased, it can be concluded that Evdokimov resisted unknown assailants before his death. After inspecting the crime scene, the investigators made a preliminary conclusion that the death of the former top manager of Roscosmos was unnatural, and was not the result of the injuries he inflicted himself.

"The recreated trajectory of a blow to the neck allows us to make an unambiguous conclusion that the prisoner could not inflict it himself", – the source of Interfax reported.

Arrested Executive Director of Roscosmos on quality control and reliability Vladimir Evdokimov was charged with a major swindling for 200 million rubles ($3.5m) within the crime group. He was arrested in Moscow in December last year.



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