Kids gave away runaway bank teller with $362.270

Kids gave away runaway bank teller with $362.270
Luiza Khairullina Photo: A still from the video

According to law enforcement, Luiza Khairullina was tracked down after her child’s phone call to his grandfather.

Luiza Khairullina was tracked down when her child’s phone call to her grandfather after the Rosselkhozbank employee in Salavat escaped with 23 million rubles, reports citing law enforcement sources. Khairullina was detained last night but investigators still do not know where the money is.

“One of Khairullina’s children phoned his grandfather. Law enforcement agencies were able to track the call and locate the rented apartment in Kazan, where the woman was hiding with her husband and children,” said the source.

Luiza Khairullina and her family disappeared on 28 May. At the end of her working day, Khairullina, who worked as a teller in the Salavat branch of Rosselkhozbank, took the money from the cash register and went home. According to investigators, she stole more than 23 million rubles ($362.270).

When the money was found to be missing, the Khairullins were not home. The woman had deleted all her social media accounts. A federal arrest warrant was issued for the family. A reward of 1 million rubles was reportedly promised for any information on the Khairullin’s whereabouts.



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