Kidnapping with which ‘Fish King’ Tuzov is charged turns out to be staged

Kidnapping with which ‘Fish King’ Tuzov is charged turns out to be staged
The investigation looks into the version of staged kidnapping

One of the participants in the crime, who had previously testified against the businessman, has admitted to it.

There has been a dramatic change in the high-profile criminal case of notorious Murmansk entrepreneur Yury Tuzov, accused of kidnapping a Moscow businessman, Kommersant reports.

One of the detained perpetrators of Pavel Surin’s kidnapping, a 27-year-old unemployed resident of Urus-Martan District of Chechnya Visit Ingaev said that he and his accomplice had been asked to stage the crime. In particular, they knew in advance where the victim would be, and that the businessman would not put up resistance. Moreover, Ingaev was ordered to lead Surin under CCTV, so that the staging of the kidnapping was recorded.

After Ingaev was detained, a young investigator and a Moscow Criminal Intelligence employee said that he had to testify against Yury Tuzov and say it was him who ordered the kidnapping. However, Ingaev refused despite the promises of monetary compensation and a milder term. The investigation is currently checking into this version.

Meanwhile, Yury Tuzov is still in a pre-trial detention center. Previously, the investigation believed that it was him who organized the kidnapping of Surin due to a conflict over 400-million-ruble ($6.35 million) debt. However, the court found that Tuzov should not pay anything – he himself said that Surin demanded money on a counterfeit bill.

Moreover, Tuzov’s lawyer said that the above-mentioned investigator had offered to transfer her client under house arrest in exchange for 150 million rubles ($2.38 million). Law enforcers are checking into this fact.



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