Khakassia Head's Administration Chief detained for bribe of 17 million rubles

Khakassia Head's Administration Chief detained for bribe of 17 million rubles
Vladimir Byzov (left)

Investigators believe that Vladimir Byzov acted as part of the organized crime group (OCG), embezzling the budget money allocated for the procurement of medicines and medical equipment.

Chief of the Administration of the Khakassia Head Vladimir Byzov is detained on charges of receiving a bribe of 17 million rubles, TASS reported citing the press-service of the ID ICR of the Republic.

The investigation believes that Byzov acted as a part of the OCG, which stole 195 million rubles from the budget allocated for the procurement of medical equipment and medicines.

The criminal case was initiated against 8 members of the OCG, consisting of one Administration's official, three employees of the state public institution Interdepartmental Center of Procurement's Management and four directors of commercial organizations.

According to investigators, from December 1, 2015 to December 27, 2016 members of the OCG purchased medical equipment, drugs and consumables for the needs of the healthcare sector of the Republic of Khakassia at an over-inflated price. The amount of stolen budget funds is estimated at 195 million rubles by the Investigative Committee.

In addition, Byzov, according to the investigation, got bribe worth more than 17 million rubles in Abakan for assistance in the concluding of state contracts. With regard to the official a criminal case is opened on charges of swindling and bribe-taking on an especially large scale.

Currently, searches in the offices and apartments of defendants in the case are conducted, the question of electing a preventive measure to them is at stake.



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