Khachaturyan sisters urgently need psychological help

Khachaturyan sisters urgently need psychological help
Middle sister Angelina Khachaturyan

The sisters’ lawyers say the conditions of isolation exert heavy pressure on the girls.

For the first time after the arrest of the Khachaturyan sisters, their lawyers managed to pay them a visit on August 8. They found the girls in an extremely depressed state.

Angelina’s lawyer Aleksey Parshin told MK that their first meeting in a pre-trial detention center took about four hours.

“To some extent, I had to act as a psychologist, because the girls were confused, depressed, and did not know what was happening; they are in isolation without a TV or radio,” the lawyer said.

He admitted that in the next few days, psychologists – as well as teachers – would be allowed to pay the girls a visit in order to provide them with professional help and enable them to follow the normal school curriculum.

Parshin added that he had no complaints about his clients’ detention conditions in general. Soon the girls will receive a care package with clothes and personal hygiene items from their mother.

In addition, the lawyer commented on the situation surrounding the apartment where the murder had been committed. As previously reported by media sources, Mikhail Khachaturyan’s nephew Arsen, as well as other relatives of the deceased, had broken into the apartment, changed the locks, and taken away a number of items that might be of importance for the case.

Parshin specified that various documents, including those concerning the state of the girls’ health, have gone missing.

The representative of the defense also commented on the information that the medical examination had failed to confirm the acts of violence of the father in relation to his daughters. Parshin noted that the examination was not the only evidence; the investigation continues, and it is premature to draw any conclusions.

The lawyer of 17-year-old Maria Khachaturyan, Yaroslav Pakulin, added that his client was also in an extremely depressed state and could not wait to see her mother.



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