Khabarovsk Interior Ministry employee arrested for DUI

Khabarovsk Interior Ministry employee arrested for DUI
Accident scene

Two people were injured in the accident.

A drunken police officer in Khabarovsk provoked an accident with two injured people. The woman drove into the oncoming lane on Pavla Morozova Street in the Industrialny District of the regional capital, AmurMedia reports.

The incident occurred on June 16, at 07.30 am local time. The Ministry of Interior employee was driving a Toyota Corolla and crashed into a Toyota Crown.

Two people - the driver and a passenger of the other car, were injured and hospitalized. The law enforcement officer was not hurt. Offence reports were made under part 1 of Art. 12.8 of the Administrative Code (offence), Art. 12.24 of the Administrative Code (decision).

The woman has been working with the police for two years. An inquiry is underway.



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