Khabarovsk: businessman’s son kidnapped and killed

Khabarovsk: businessman’s son kidnapped and killed
The young man was killed in the premises of a garage co-operative

The criminals had demanded a ransom of 20 million rubles.

In Khabarovsk, two men kidnapped and killed the 25-year-old son of a businessman, demanding a ransom of 20 million rubles from his father.

The investigation established that on January 10 two men aged 25 and 26 called the victim on the phone and asked to pick them up from the garage co-op in Khabarovsk’s Zheleznodorozhny district. One of the accomplices was a former classmate of the victim, which is probably why the man agreed to give them a ride. Upon arrival, the criminals attacked the man and forced him into a garage box. The next morning one of the suspects called the businessman and demanded he should give them 20 million rubles the same evening if he wanted his son released. The businessman did not hesitate to call the police reporting the abduction. By the evening, the accomplices saw there was no money coming and decided to get rid of their hostage by choking him with a rope. Investigators believe the men killed the businessman’s son fearing punishment for the crime. They wrapped the body in polythene and took it to Sodovaya railway station (near Ilinka village), then they doused it with gasoline and set on fire.

Today, on January 13, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Investigative Committee of Russia in the Khabarovsk region reported the two suspects had been arrested. They said the men had no previous convictions. They are now being questioned. The investigators opened a criminal case under part 2 of Art. 126 (Abduction), part 1 of Art. 105 (Murder) of the Criminal Code.

The verdict is to be returned soon.



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